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Free Basic Template


Which is similar to the template FreeBasic Modern theme, but the colour changed. Furthermore, some details have been changed. The theme was designed by


Understanding the Plugin "Magee Abler"

Technically, the plugin is really just a mask in the admin panel of WordPress ready for the (absolute) path to Mage.php enter, e.g. / var / www / magento / app / Mage.php. There is also a method mage enabler (), which does nothing more than to include the set Mage.php if it exists and is readable, and create an instance via the constructor. This method is called automatically, now may be the logic the other Magento class to use as they can be used in the Magento template development. The class is basically the heart of the Magento core, so now everything is practically possible. The actual logic for using Magento feature is not included in the plugin itself, and must be implemented. For this, you should have a little familiar with PHP and the functioning of Magento.